With Bgirlsessions we want to motivate and inspire bgirls with information and updates from the scene. 


Bo (NL)
Vanessa (UK/PT)
Pauline (NL)
Camine (BE)

What we do

  1. Collect & Share inspirational content from the web, create content like video’s, articles and interviews.
  2. Organise events, from workshops, to training-sessions to battles.

We Be Pitching

Who we are

Bgirlsessions tries to involve bgirls from the scene to share their training, information and events with each other to help each other grow.

Currently at the core of Bgirlsessions are Bo and Pauline from Holland. Actively contributing with dope content is Vanessa and new to the team is Camine. If you’d like to contribute, shoot us a message!

How it started

Bgirlsessions was set up by Bo, Rose and Pauline, three Dutch bgirls who represent internationally and wanna inspire other girls to get started or get more involved. We got the idea to start Bgirlsessions mainly cause the Dutch scene is lacking bgirls. We have a lively scene with world wide known bboys, but besides us three and a single girl here and there, the Dutch bgirls are still asleep.

While traveling we saw bgirls unite, like in Japan, England, Belgium, and these girls were getting better, more active and more competitive. We want to create a same sort of place to unite, in the modern way so we started bgirlsessions as a online platform and organisation to share with the bgirls community. Since breaking is international, we decided to make our platform more international too.

Online we share clips, updates, tips, whatever and offline we try to create inspirational content and organise inspirational events.