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  • Cindy Campbell

    Cindy Campbell | The 1st Lady and Mother of Hip-Hop, Cindy Campbell, is the catalyst for the humble beginnings of Hip-Hop. Cindy had the vision and talent to organize a back to school party. Little did she know that her Back To School Party was to become known as The Beginning of Hip-Hop. This establishes […]

  • Headspin Janet

    Unfortunately we have never seen Headspin Janet but we’ve heard many stories about how hardcore she was on the floor. Even though there is no footage her legend lives on through the stories. Here is what Crazy Legs, Ken Swift and Alien Ness tell about her. Alien Ness (We B-Girlz book): “Headspin Janet was THE […]

  • Lady Doze

    Can’t find much about Lady Doze.. She’s on a few photo’s with Rock Stead and Baby Love, and is mentioned every now & then but nothing really about her.   Photo: Dozegreen The Original Rock STeady Family Zulu nation chapter 3 at Roxy’s New york 1982

  • Bubbles

    UK’s first bgirl: Bgirl Hanifa Queen A,K.A Bubble From The B-Boys (Legendary UK Bboy Team)