Bgirl Camine: about winning the Red Bull BC one Belgium Cypher, her crew Battle Droids and her ambitions for the Future

Apr 25, 2019 | Interviews

An interview with the winner of the Red Bull BC one Belgium Bgirl Cypher: Camine.

Congratulations on your victory! Did you expect this outcome?

Yeasss!.. Thank you! The last few months I have been training very hard, so I really hoped that I would win this. But I also knew that I had some serious competition, so I didn’t quite expect this outcome.

During my preparation I told myself over and over: ‘It’s possible!’. I got this from the motivational speech of Less Brown. Training intensely is important but this mindset gave me the extra push that I needed.

Can you describe your tactics? Or do you just go all in?

A few weeks before Red Bull BC one I was semi finalist at the Bgirl Battle at the Battle of Honor. I was quite stressed out because after this much training I really wanted to go for the win. But because of this pressure I could not perform well and did not enjoy the battle at all. At Red Bull BC one I chose a different strategy. I tried to get away from this hunger to win and tried to enjoy every moment on stage, as much as possible. This is how I was able to stand on the Red Bull BC stage with a huge smile. I really enjoyed the battles and could give 1oo%.

How did you train for this competition?

I did prepare for the regular qualification of the Red Bull BC one Belgium Cypher. That happened a month before the Bgirl cypher. During this regular cypher 16 bboys/bgirls will be chosen to enter the Belgium Cypher. A few days before the qualification I received a message that they would organize a separate bgirl cypher and that I was invited to participate. Fantastic! So I just continued my training process with some extra motivation.

Can you tell us something about how you started with breaking?

I saw breaking for the first time at a battle in Antwerp. It seemed really cool to learn this stuff. After a few basic steps at a dance school I joined Battle Droids crew. The moves, the music, the atmosphere and the culture… just makes me happy. Breaking has become a real passion in my life.


The moves, the music, the atmosphere and the culture… just makes me happy.


Can you tell something about your crew battle droids?

In 2012 Sambo from Team Schmetta brought dancers from different dance school together. These were all dancers who wanted to achieve more with breaking. Battle Droids crew is a crew which grew up and evolved together. We have big dreams: we want to take over the world! 🙂

Normally we train 3 times a week together. But at the end we train more than 3 times a week together, so we basically see each other every day. That is why we have such a very strong and good connection to each other. We have been through a lot together.

I am so happy to be part of Battle Droids crew. The boys and Sambo encourage me to push the limits. I also learned from them that every thing is possible. You can realize your biggest dreams if you work hard for it.

How is the bgirlscene in Belgium?

The bgirlscene in Belgium is not big. There is a couple of girls who are active and their game is on! They form a difficult competition for me which makes it very fun. There are a few bgirls who just started but do not dare to enter the breaking scene. That’s how bgirl Soe supported these girls by doing a girls only workshops. But a next generation like Japan or the Netherlands is not yet here.

How is your life at this point? What are your ambitions, your plans for the future.

I live in the center of Antwerp with my 4 best friends. After my certificate orthopedagogy, I started at the University of Antwerp with a second bachelor: Philosophy. I can combine my life as a student with breaking. I hope to continue this path for the next years.

I am daily engaged with breaking and I practice with Battle Droids. The practice with the boys from Battle Droids involve crew training but also individual training. We train at Kafka an open practice spot in Antwerp. I also do workouts at the gym for my stamina and strength. Apart from that I give breaking workshops to small kids from 5-12 years old. I enjoy to teach these kids about my enthusiasm and passion for breaking. 

Together with Battle Droids I try to travel as much as possible for battle and shows – all of these are fantastic experiences.

How are you going to prepare for the finals in India?

I have quite some time until the finals. At this point I will just keep my training schedule as it is now. With this extra motivation I know I will be prepared well.

Thank you Camine for your time to answer our questions – we wish you best of luck during your preparations for the Red Bull BC one finals!

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