Judge of WDSF Breaking for Gold – Bgirl Hurricane gives us wise words of advice

Aug 24, 2019 | Interviews

Well known in the scene and one of the biggest role models of the European bgirl scene back in the days, bgirl Hurricane is a woman living the break culture for quite some time. She is the founder of one of the illest jams in Europe: Just for Rockerz. She was one of the judges during the first edition of the WDSF Breaking for Gold championships in Nanjing, China.

Bgirlsessions took the change to ask her some questions!

Bgirljournaljapan – japanese bgirls united

Bgirljournaljapan – japanese bgirls united

  ビーガールネットワークプロジェクト:東京のえりさんとゆりえさんとのインタビー。日本語バージョンは下。 The Japanese breaking culture is always been vibrant and alive, even the COVID19 pandemic...