Spotlight on Bgirl AT

May 16, 2015 | Footage, Inspiration

A spotlight on one of my (Bo) favourite bgirls lately; bgirl AT. From the moment I went traveling to battles I met her and lost to her. And now she’s also smoking the boys, winning IBE footwork battle, national championships in Finland and getting 2nd on the Finnish Redbull BC One cypher. Big respect to her, she developed her style and moves in a way it’s so dope she kills it out there.

This is a raw footage trailer to get an idea:

And a storyline from the Red Bull BC One website.


Spotlight On: B-Girl AT

Dance has always been a part of Anniina Tikka’s life. She began dancing in 1995, having tried out several different scenes until breaking stole her heart in 2004. Today, she’s Finland’s best female breaker and one of the most respected urban dancers in the international scene. Having made it all the way to the final at the Red Bull BC One Finland Cypher 2014– against Flow Mo crewmember Hatsolo– she is not only a top female dancer, but a battle force to be reckoned with too. Definitely one to watch, we proudly present B-Girl AT.

AT’s First Photo Shoot

AT's Got the Good Vibes

This picture is from AT’s first photoshoot, in 2005, where photographer Nina Tuittu took pictures of her for a book called “Breakdance is My Lifestyle.” From the start, flavor and personal style are top priorities to AT when she dances. She gives it her all, straight from the soul.

AT’s Got the Good Vibes

ATs Got the Good Vibes 2

AT is known for her vibe and signature style. When asked what her strengths are, she cites musicality at the top of the list. AT has inspired many dancers around the world, which in turn has taken the Helsinki-born B-Girl to international stages to perform, teach, judge and compete.

“The Indian Police”

B-Girl AT at her first photo shoot

The move displayed here is called “Indian Step.” Detail is key for AT, along with style and precision in even in the easiest of moves. Her steadfast style is often not the case with many other breakers, who try to wow the crowd with tricks and big moves, which lent her the nickname “Indian Police.”

In The Big Apple

AT at The Brooklyn Promenade
AT visited the 2013 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, in New York. Here, she poses with her first breaking coach, B-Girl Taya. AT describes Taya as her ”Master Shifu,” the Mandarin term for an accomplished teacher of martial arts. The duo competes frequently, and even managed to win the “She Got Game” 2 on 2 B-Girl battle in Australia.

Director’s Cut with Spike Lee

Finnish Breakers with Spike Lee

Joining AT and Taya at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival were fellow Finns, B-Boys Focus and Saki-1. And sandwiched between them is none other than the legendary movie director Spike Lee.

Keep the Flow

Flow Mo Crew

AT is a member of the Finland’s most successful street dance crew, Flow Mo Crew. Responsible for bringing Finnish street dance to the international circuit, Flow Mo has won the Finnish Championship six times. Two of the B-Boys in the crew are two of the world’s finest: Focus (second from left) and Hatsolo (right).

Dance World Traveler

Saiffa Dance School Workshop

AT and B-Boy Focus teach a workshop in Tokyo, Japan, the summer of 2014. The duo won theWorld Dance Colosseum 2 on 2 competition during the same trip. With Flow Mo Crew, AT tours, teaches and judges around the world.

Footwork Masters


The picture is from this year’s The Notorious IBE Festival, in The Netherlands, where AT became the first-ever woman to win the Focus on Footwork title. The respected title is named after B-Boy Focus, who won the footwork title four times. Between Focus and AT, it’s no surprise that Flow Mo Crew is notorious for their strong footwork and great flow!

Beat the B-Boys

B-Girl AT at Red Bull BC One Finland Cypher 2014

Unlike many other B-Girls, Anniina Tikka competes against men and women alike– and her skill and style have proven to challenge the best of the world’s B-Boys. Here, she battles at the first-ever Red Bull BC One Finland Cypher, held this past June, where she made it all the way to the final.

Rematch in 2015?

Red Bull BC One Finland Cypher 2014

AT defeated three of her first opponents at the Red Bull BC One Finland Cypher. She was met with a familiar opponent in the final; however, when she eventually lost to crewmember Hatsolo. According to AT, it was the first time they had ever battled at an event. Hatsolo will now compete in Helsinki at the Red Bull BC One Western Europe Final, in October. Will they see one another on the dancefloor at next year’s Cypher?

Photos courtesy of Niina Tuittu, Samuli Ronkanen and Victor Engström/Red Bull Content Pool