Time for some questions to Ayumi

Sep 18, 2018 | Inspiration, Interviews

First bgirl ever to compete in the Red Bull BC one cypher, Ayumi is one of the top notch bgirls of this time. Together with her sister Narumi they have been dominating the bgirlscene the recent years. She is a big inspiration to many of us. Bgirlsessions asked her some questions.

Do you think that red bull BC One Bgirl is a good idea?

Yes!!! it’s a great opportunity for all bgirls.

How do you prepare and is that any different from any other jam?

I do not prepare differently than I usually prepare for a jam. The only difference is, I try to trust myself more.

What advise would you give bgirls who look up to you?

Enjoy dancing every moment. Appreciate the people who always support you. They are the reason why we can do what we do!!! Sometimes you will have good times, sometimes you will encounter a hard and difficult time for dancing. But please don’t forget that you love this.
If you work hard , stay positive and don’t give up, your dream comes true  for sure and you can be what you want to be????