Time for some questions to JK47

Sep 21, 2018 | Inspiration, Interviews



Representing Canada: JK47! From vancouver city this woman is not only active on the dancefloor but also an initiator and teacher. She founded frontlinerz, an international bgirl squad who battled at various events a couple of years ago. Bgirlsessions asked her some questions!

Do you think that red bull BC One Bgirl is a good idea?
Most definitely! It’s long over due and with this renowned platform, It gives so much hope for the future and for the bgirls of all generations worldwide. 14 years ago, this was only dreamed about! Look what’s happening now. It’s amazing. Nothing excites me more than to rep Canada on this stage! Especially all my Canadian sisters who came before me, who have mentored & inspired me and those who are still putting in work! Canada baby!! Lets go!

How do you prepare and is that any different from any other jam?
Timing of everything truly worked in my favour, with more available time on my hands, I’ve definitely have been blessed to be able to prepare more for this than any other jam. I do my morning workouts, late afternoon solo sessions- where I work on drills, freezes and cleaning some details and then my evening sessions with the homies- full out power, freestyle rounds and jamming out. I love to train. If I can put in more hours, then why not ????????

What advice would you give bgirls who look up to you?
Find your joy and freedom in this dance. We can get caught up training, and drilling [movement] all day everyday, but if your not rooted and just [doing] this dance…you won’t last long. Breaking, as well with anything, it is a journey and a process..a rollercoaster! When that storm comes, because we all know it does (life circumstances, lack of motivation, frustration at practice etc.), going back to where we can feel joy and be free again, it can truly help you get back on your feet. We are artists, creative and expressive human beings, not machines. Dont be afraid to do other expressive outlets, they wont hinder your progress with breaking, if anything, they will take you to new levels mentally and physically.