Time for some questions to Kate

Sep 11, 2018 | Inspiration, Interviews

The beauty from the east of Europe. Straight out of Ukrain, Kate shows the world what musicality is about. We asked her some questions about it so now it’s time for answers:

1. Do you think that red bull bc one bgirl is a good idea?

I think that the Red Bull BC one Bgirl edition is a great idea and a step forward for developing and promoting female breakers in general. This is an opportunity to get recognition. You get the chance to show your best on the big stage and building up your career as a dancer.

There is always a discussion about small soulful TRUE jams and the big competitions. But none of them is better than the other.  I think it is perfect when you can dance both. Killing it everywhere, no matter if it is a big stage or a small jam. Showing yourself in the cyphers, knowing the roots and the history.

But also dancing on the big stage where you get the experience to fight against your own stress. To fight against your feeling of fear. You have to be able to master your art form in order to present it on the big stage. To be able to perform in a way that none of the details are going to be missed.

Breaking is an unstoppable process of improving yourself as a dancer, aswel as a person.

Another reason why the Red Bull BC one bgirl cypher is a good initiative, is because it can inspire young generation of hard working bgirls. They get motivated to continue practicing to dance the competition themselves next year!  Or even winning the competition. This shows how hard work pays off.

The level of breaking has surely changed over the past years. You can can represent your style, your vision, your understanding of dance in front of the whole world. At the end of the day the competition shows respect to bgirls the same way as it does for bboys.

I have to admit that before this competition, I felt a gender inequality in the scene. Probably this was because of the fact that there were not much bgirls into this culture, back in the days. Now, you see that there are so many dope bgirls all around the world. The amount is growing every year. And it’s great!

2. How do you prepare and is that any different then for another jam?

As for preparation, I just practice more. Everyday if I can, and I am just freestyling, training freaking power and I still can’t get it XD. Footworkdrills,  and dancing full rounds at the end of the training 🙂

3. What advise would you give bgirls who look up to you?

For all the bgirls I have an advice to never ever give up on what you really want to do and to feel that it is your thing. No matter what people say, listen to all the advice but accept those which are constructive: explanations you can learn from and advice with a positive result in mind. Because I have learned: Bad words you hear from other people (and most of the time you probably don’t know who they are)  is because of jealousy!

So remember, when people talk behind your back, means you led the way. So never stop! Try to be a better person as it reflects on your dancing too. Listen to your body and try to hear what it tries to tell you: what food to eat and how hard you should train. And once you want to achieve something – set the goal and follow it until you got it!