Time for some questions to Paulina

Sep 7, 2018 | Inspiration, Interviews

Time, time for some, time for some action questions to Paulina! Polish bgirl reppin hard all through Europe and the world. How does this funky lady feel about the Bgirl Cypher, how does she prep and what advice does she have for you?

1. Do you think that red bull bc one bgirl is a good idea?

I think Red Bull BC One for bgirls is a great idea, because it can be a great motivation for all the ladies to get better and to make it to Top 16. The world finals for bboys was alway standing as a main goal when it comes to the competition and we girls didn’t have such a thing for ourself and now we do. It can be a great opportunity to put more light on what we girls are doing and maybe it will take bgirling on a next level. Also when it comes to sponsorships and opportunities to develop.

2. How do you prepare and is that any different then for another jam?

I am just trying to get better and more confident, so I practise with focus on the things which were not mastered, to improve them. I think that the main preparation is also in the head, because even if your body is in great shape but your mind is out, it is not going to work well.

So it is important to me not to stress to much about the competition but to enjoy the opportunity to represent myself and my crew.

3. What advise would you give bgirls who look up to you?

Always be yourself, find what you like in this dance, find your way to express yourself and just master yourself! Always work hard and have fun with it šŸ™‚