Time to ask some questions to Sarah Bee

Sep 26, 2018 | Inspiration, Interviews

She has been around for a long time… this woman is a true power woman. Part of the succesfull all female dance group Zamunda, Sarah Bee is someone who knows how to be on a big stage. Zamunda has performed on stages as Battle of The Year, IBE… and many more! What does Sarah Bee think of Red Bull BC one and how has she been preparing?

Do you think that red bull BC One Bgirl is a good idea?

For me yes, it is a big opportunity to bring your art in This Big Competition ! But at the same time I prefer to compete in a 1vs1 bboy/bgirl, I don’t like the idea so much to separate bgirls and bboys.

But the 1vs1 is still open for everyone, nobody says bgirls are not allowed to compete in the regular 1vs1, so for the ones who love challenges and who want to push themselves to the next level, they still can enter!

How do you prepare and is that any different from any other jam?

I do more work out but basically my practice is the same šŸ™‚

What advice would you give bgirls who look up to you?

To believe In Yourself no matter what ! Don’t ever stop to dream Big ! do it for you and the Most Important With Love, honestly and Peace !