Apr 6, 2017 | Inspiration, Interviews



Bgirlsessions is always looking for ways to inspire and motivate our fellow bgirls. With this new series of interviews we want to share some things going on in Bgirlworld. 


The first one is dedicated to our southern neighbour Bgirl Soe. You might know her as: bgirl, host
(also @Bgirlsessions 1vs1 2016!) , teacher,  promoter, dj and more recently as a comedian! We from Bgirlsessions wanted to know more about this amazing lady and asked her some questions:

1. So first things first, Who is Soe?: describe yourself in 3 words.
Enthusiastic, positive, strong

2. How did you start breaking?
Haha! I saw some bboys at a carnival, and I didn’t understand what they were doing, but I knew I wanted to do it too. I took some classes, and then bboy Sam from Shmetta Squad invited me to his practice spot in Antwerp. And the rest is history!

3. Did you have bgirls as an inspiration or bboys?
Initially my inspiration was the other bboys at my practice spot. Only after I visited IBE I was inspired by other bgirls! Now my inspiration is mainly bgirls!

4. Favorite breaking event?
The one we used to organise: Raw Circles! But as a visitor I have to give it to IBE & Outbreak. Can’t choose! ????

5. What is your most memorable battle?
For me a video battle can never be memorable. I want to feel it, I want to be there, you know? I think it was the finals at Eurobattle, don’t remember what year. It was me and my partner Narcis vs Tanja & Movie One I think. We lost but it was sooo dope! I felt so high during and after the battle! I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling. It was pure energy from us and our opponents, and the dj (I think it was my homie Jebel) was playing all the right tracks, and it was hype too. Damn, still get goosebumps thinking about it!

6. How was the bgirlscene in belgium at the time you started?
This was 2007. We had 3 active bgirls that were actually battling: Faky, Stormy and Duracell. There were some other bgirls but they weren’t in the battle scene (anymore). Bgirls like Yiphoon, Ena and Sabine.

7. How ist the bgirlscene in Belgium now?
I guess it has evolved in a positive way! We have more bgirls now, and the ones that kept on going (talking about Stormy!) have become really dope! We have a new generation coming up with the likes of Maxime, Camine, Sarah, Lotte, and others who want to battle or already battle (a lot). It’s still hard to find girls who want to keep on breaking, but I think there’s a big difference from when I started.

8. The level of bgirling is getting better and better, where do you think the future of bgirling will be? Or what do you wish for?
My wish for bgirling and the break scene in general is that there’s more space for vibing and having a good time. I love battles, and I love the competition. But there’s more to bboying / bgirling than just that. I feel like we should all be having a good time together. I respect everyone’s view but I feel like some cats only respect you when you are their definition of ‘hardcore’. For a lot of bboys and bgirls breaking is about (big) moves and ‘being angry’ in battles. If that’s your thing, then do you by all means, but don’t look down on people who are looking for something different in our culture: having fun, jamming, dancing for the sake of dancing. So in short: let’s all have a bit more fun together eh! That’s why everyone should go to IBE, Outbreak, Eurobattle, etc etc! Hip Hop started at a party. Let’s bring it back!

9. What is Soe’s Bgirlstudio?
My hometown homie Taka and myself started the Studio about 4 years ago. We wanted to get more girls in our break scene. So we teach classes every Tuesday from 7 to 9. We also organise workshops, jams and battles from time to time!

10. What is the message of Soe’s bgirlstudio?
Everyone should be able to experience the joy that is breaking!

11. Future plans for Soe’s bgirlstudio
Next year, we’re going to scratch the classes, and start with a new concept. A monthly (or bi-monthly) jam where we travel Belgium and Holland. Like an actual jam with a dj and a host. The bgirls that are in the studio are now a crew, and not just students anymore.

12. Advice for bgirls who want to start or just started:
Surround yourself with people that are supportive and positive. Don’t self-hate, don’t hate other bgirls (or bboys! ???? ), stay fresh in your body and mind. Don’t give up! Travel, get new experiences. Breaking is an art, make it your own.

& message for the bgirls already reprenting:
Bgirls thank you for inspiring me! No one wants to be alone! And I love my bboys ofcourse, but travelling alone with a bunch of guys who are smelly from practice gets old! LOL! No really, bgirls you rock my world! Yay!

Soe’s Bgirl Studio on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SoesBgirlStudio/