Bgirl Chaja wins 7to smoke + free entrance to Bgirlsessions

Jun 26, 2019 | Whazzup



Congratulations to Bgirl Chaja from Breaksquad crew for winning the 7 to smoke at EMOVES in Eindhoven. This event was hosted by On The One. In total 5 bgirls from the Netherlands competed for the win:

  • Bgirl Chaja, Breaksquad
  • Bgirl Zoe, Fresh Allstars
  • Bgirl Jasmijn
  • Bgirl Vicky, Floor Burnin
  • Bgirl Spooky, Breaksquad

Besides price money she got herself free entrance tickets to Jam de la FEM october 20th and Bgirlsessions at the I love Hip Hop festival this weekend! See you there