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Aug 14, 2020 | Interviews, Whazzup



The Japanese breaking culture is always been vibrant and alive, even the COVID19 pandemic could not stop this. During this time, a new social media account is started by Tokyo based bgirls Yurie and Erifenesis. The project is called Bgirljournaljapan. Bgirlsessions asked the two dedicated ladies to answer our questions regarding to their project but also the bgirlculture in Japan itself.

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Bgirl Yurie and Eri are well known faces in the international breaking scene. A strong duo representing worldwide: Eri with her fierce toprock and downrocks complemented by Yurie with her high skilled powermoves. As a cherry on the cake they show flawless teamwork and strong routines.

Bgirl Eri (Keep It Real, Downz, FloorFreaks, Qween of Qweenz) was introduced to breaking in New York City where she got taught by BreakEasy, KingUprock and Kwon. During her stay of 5.5 years in the US, she participated in numerous battles. After returning to Japan, Eri joined a Japanese team. After winning the Mighty4 Toprock in 2007, Eri appeared at the Korean R16 event performing a guest showcase. In 2011, Eri and her dance partner Yurie represented Japan at the annual We Bgirlz battle at Battle of The Year. They ended up winning the whole competition. This was the beginning of their international dance career. They have been active not only in Japan but also worldwide at events such as Outbreak and Freestylesession Taiwan. Besides battling Eri is also performing and judges battles and gives workshops.

Bgirl Yurie(REAL CRIME, FloorFreaks, Qween of Qweenz) started breaking in 2003. Yurie started breaking at her university. She doesn’t consider herself as a pupil of someone. Most of the things she discovered by teaching herself. The first battles she danced was in the year of 2005. During this time she formed a bgirl collaboration with Bgirl Momopeach (now living in Canada) and together they worked different acts Japanwide.  In the year of 2011, Yurie teamed up with Bgirl Eri and qualified at the We Bgirls battle in Japan and went to the finals in France. After winning this battle, various international battles followed: IBE, BIS, Renegates Anniversary, NEW TAIPEI CITY woman power, FreeStyle Session Taiwan championships. Currently, Yurie is active as a dance performer, judge, instructor and worked in different advertisements.

What is bgirljournal Japan?
Eri: A place where everyone can share and at the same time receive information. I aim for a place where people can connect.

Yurie:  By stimulating the exchange between bgirls in Japan itself, I hope the Japanese scene will ultimately            get more known overseas as well.

Why did you start with this initiative?

Eri:  I am not aware of any initiative of this that this kind that existed before. And I think this is a unique opportunity where bgirls can interact with each-other regardless of the generation and the region they live in. By sharing video’s, I introduce bgirls to each-other.  Also, there seems to be a lack of information about bgirlbattles abroad. There is a website for battles in Japan itself but the information about bgirlbattle abroad is not easy to find. I would like to publish this information to make it accessible to the bgirls in Japan.

Yurie:  Japan has many bgirls, but they are divided in the older generation and the young generation. I miss active bgirls who are in their late twenties. With this initiative we hope to create a connection between the different generations.

Even-though there are lots of breakers and there is lots of information around, the information is often not easy accessible for everyone. Especially the way how information for bgirls is presented can be improved a lot. With Bgirljournal Japan we hope to be able to present important information for bgirls to bgirls.

During the COVID19 times, Japan also implied a lock down. Therefore, bgirl Ayumi and Narumi from Body Carnival Crew (Kyoto) initiated the GENKIBIN PROJECT which is a big succes! I want to thank Ayumi and Narumi for this!

How do you select the bgirls for your talksession?

Eri: We alternate between speakesr from the older generation and from the younger generation.

Yurie:  We started the first talksession with bgirl Shi-chan. She has been in the breakingscene for a long time and is still active. I wanted her to explain to the young children how the Japanese breaking culture has changed, because I have seen the chances as well. Next, we asked bgirl Ami. She is an idol for a lot of young girls. She is very popular among the younger generation because she was also a kid when she started and  became a world champion. People want to identify with her. I wanted the children to hear her life story and her life as a student. Next month, we will ask a bgirl who is playing an active role in the breaking world. We will ask about recent battles and activities!

By asking and voting about who we should invite we create an active online community with BgirlNetworkJapan.

Eri and Yurie, you both have been active for a long time now, how did you two witness the transformation of bgirling in Japan?

Yurie: I have been watching the scene in Tokyo from 2003 onwards. There always have been bgirls around. Probably every crew had one bgirl. The bgirlscene was very scattered though. Since there were only a few battles, there were also a lot of show bgirls only performing on stage and not really entering the battle floor.

I think it started to change in the middle of 2000, the number of battles increased and some crews started to have more than 1 bgirl in their team. When the qualifications for the We Bgirls battle started in the second half of 2000 the opportunities for bgirls increased. The number of bgirls battling in duo’s increased and also the number of bgirls in total went up.

In 2008, a 10 vs 10 bgirl battle was organized. East Japan vs West Japan. And Bgirl Shie-chan started off with QUEEN OF QUEENZ, a worldwide active bgirlcrew. I think that the notion that a bgirls are also just dancers and not only a possession a crew should have is getting stronger. Bboys and bgirls are seen more equally and therefore you start to see more and more crews with more than 1 bgirl.

Recently, street dance is introduced as part of the physical education classes at school. This makes dance more known and accessible to many children.

Eri: After I returned to Japan, I noticed an increase in the number of bgirls. Especially, there were more kids around. Now, with the Olympics coming up, people will see breaking more and more as a competition, rather than an artform. I think this will result in a division from competitors and underground dancers. But I definitely think that the level will go up!

Any words to the bgirls worldwide?

Eri:  Japan has lots of bgirls with high level skills but haven’t appeared on the world stage yet. Please come visit and witness the Japanese breaking scene!

Yurie:  I agree with Eri! There are lots of bgirls but also breakers in general with very different styles. Come over to Japan and experience it. Japan has also delicious food and unique sight seeing spots, you can get in touch with Japanese culture while traveling for breaking.

Bgirlsessions: Thank you Eri and Yurie !


1. まず ユリエさんとエリさんの自己紹介
BGIRL ERI (Keep It Real, Downz, FloorFreaks, Qween of Qweenz): NYでBreakinに出会い BreakEasy, KingUprock, Kwonに師事。5年半のアメリカ生活で、各地の大会に出場。帰国後は、日本のチームに所属し活動している。2007年Mighty4 Toprock優勝以降、韓国R16ゲストショーケース出演、 2011年にはBGIRL YURIEと日本代表でWe BGirlzに出場し世界大会でも優勝。
BGIRL YURIE (REAL CRIME, FloorFreaks, Qween of Qweenz: 2003年。大学に入学し、大学のサークルでbreakinを始めた。 今まで誰かに師事することはなく、独学に近い。2005年からバトルにも出始める。同い年、同じ時期に始めたBGIRLmomopecachとタッグを組んで日本国内で活動。 2011年BGIRL ERIとチームを組んで、webgirlz日本予選優勝し、フランスfainaでも優勝。
その後はIBE,BIS,RenegatesAnniversary,NEW TAIPEI CITY 女力,FreeStyleSessionTaiwan優勝等
2.Bgirljournaljapanとは 何?
BGIRL ERI: みんなが 情報発信したり、 情報を得たり、つながりの場所 を目指しています。
BGIRL YURIE:  国内での交流や発信と 今後は国外にも日本シーンを知ってもらえたらと思ってます。
3. なぜ 今 bgirljournaljapan?日本ってビーガールいっぱいいるじゃない?
BGIRL ERI: 今までありそうでなかったのと、日本のBgirlたちが年や地域 関係なく交流できれば!と思い!
BGIRL YURIE: 日本はbgirlが沢山いるけど、上の世代と下の世代でも分かれているし、20代後半の層が非常に少ないです。世代を超えて つながれたらいいと思った。
BGIRLにはBGIRLが求めている情報を まとめてみんなに届けれたらいいと思った!
4.どうゆうふうに talk session のための 人を選んでるの?
BGIRL ERI: 上の世代、若い世代を交互に選んでます。
BGIRL YURIE: 1回目は、長くbgirlのシーンを見続け、今も現役で踊っているしーちゃんさんに!
2回目は若手の憧れBGIRL AMI。Amiちゃんは若い子にとにかく人気で、kidsからダンスを始めて、世界チャンピオンになったので、親近感がある人が多いと思う。等身大の彼女の話や学生時代の話も若い子に聞いてもらいたかった
最近のバトルや、活動について 聞いてみます!!!
前回から アンケートも開始して 参加者の意見も取り入れようと思い トークしてほしい人の投票もしています!!
5. ゆりえさんとえりさんがブーレークを初めてから日本のビーガールはどう変化しましたか?
BGIRL YURIE: 2003年から私は東京のシーンを見てますが
昔から人数はかなりいましたが、チームごとに1人いる!という感じで バラバラでした。
2000後半からWE B GIRLZ の日本予選が始まり、bgirlだけで活躍できる場が増え 2人チームで活動するbgirlも多くなり、bgirlの人口も増えてきました。
2008年に bgirl10 VS 10の bgirl東西対決 バトルが 行われたり、BGIRL shie-chanによってQWEEN OF QWEENZが発足し、海外でも活躍するなど、チームに1人いるbgirlというよりも、bgirlもbboyと対等のダンサーの1人であるという考えも強くなってきたと思います。
最近は 学校の体育の授業でストリートダンスが導入されたり、ダンスの知名度が上がっていてkidsが多いです
BGIRL ERI: 帰国してからは、Bgirlがたくさん増えて、特にキッズが増えました。これから、オリンピックなどもあるので、もっと競技のようになっていく人と、アンダーグラウンドの人に分かれていくと思います。レベルもより高くなると思います。
6. 世界中のビーガールにつたいたい言葉
BGIRL ERI: 日本にはまだまだ世界に出ていないBgirlもたくさんいて、 とてもレベルも高いです!!ぜひ日本のイベントに遊びにきてください!!
BGIRL YURIE: ERIさん と同じですが、日本のbgirlは人数も多くて、スタイルも様々です!
ぜひ日本に来て体感してほしい! 日本にはおいしい食べ物や、観光スポットもあるので、旅行に来ながら、日本の文化にも触れてほしいです!