Feb 5, 2022 | Whazzup

Bgirlsessions is happy to announce the 2022 bgirlsessions ambassadors. There were a lot of bgirls all around the world who were interested in helping us. Thank you so much for all your messages. This shows us that bgirls all around the world are ambitious to share content from bgirls around the world.

With the new bgirlsessions ambassadors we hope to cover more parts of the world than the places we are visiting ourselves.

We selected 12 bgirls – who will be covering the instagram stories this year! We are proud to announce:

  • Bgirl Alyanna – Philippines
  • Bgirl Alex – Australia
  • Bgirl Alessandrina – Italy
  • Bgirl Cruxy – Nigeria
  • Bgirl Elli – Iran
  • Bgirl Jilou – Germany
  • Bgirl Mel – USA
  • Bgirl Nathana – Brazil
  • Bgirl Natt – Colombia
  • Bgirl Rule – Estonia
  • Bgirl Vale Chica – Chile