Feb 26, 2020 | Whazzup

Dutch bgirls Chaja (19 years old) and Spooky (21 years old) from made a 10day trip to South Korea with their crew Breaksquad . Breaksquad is a young, upcoming crew from the Gorinchem, the Netherlands. The crew is founded in 2013 by bboy Nazgul. Chaja and Spooky are dancing for 10 years now. Bgirlsessions was curious about their experience in South Korea and asked them a few questions.
  • Why South Korea?
    South Korea is known for its high level breaking scenes. By making this trip we want to get more experience and learn from the Korean Breaking scene by practicing with the local dancers. We went to Uijeognbu – the homebase of Fusion MC – one of the best crews in the world. Because Nazgul already knew the dancers from Fusion MC, we were welcomed with open arms and they showed us the Korean culture. They became our family on the other side of the world.
  • How is the Korean Breaking culture
    There is a lot to say about the Korean Breaking scene. All the crews have their own ways and ideas about breaking and practicing, but what we have experienced is that they are all serious. practice hard, increase their knowledge and repeat this as much as needed. The level of the Korean Breaking scene is very high.
Chaja and Spooky with Bgirl Ashes (Fusion MC)
  • Did you meet bgirls in Korea?
    We had the pleasure to meet B-girl Ashes, crew member of Fusion MC. We had a great time with her. Getting to know her, talking about her experiences, practicing with her and I even had a good battle exchange with her. We didn’t meet more Korean B-girls but we will go back to South Korea for sure and hope to meet more Korean B-girls and B-Boys.

  • How did you organize this trip
    This year we are funded by ‘Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie’. The fund gives us financial support for our travels so we can develop and gain more experiences as dancers.
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor breaksquad crew