French Bgirlz Connexion

Dec 22, 2019 | Interviews, Whazzup

One might have noticed a new upcoming all female crew from France: French Bgirlz Connexion. The crew recently competed at the French Breaking Championships and are making noise on social media. Bgirlsessions was curious where this initiative came from and asked around. We found out that Peste Ana created this connection and asked her a few question about French Bgirlz Connexion. Peste Ana is a french bgirl active since 2009. She discovered breaking through figure2style and fell in love with the respect and values of the breaking culture. With support from Bgirl Hurricane (Just4Rockerz) she initiated the project: French Bgirlz Connexion.

Peste Ana. Founder of French Bgirlz Connexion. Active since 2009.

What is French Bgirlz Connexion?

French Bgirlz is a connection of 8 bgirls from different generations.

I felt like the new generation was becoming more and more individualistic. We compete at 1vs1 or sometimes 2vs2 but the elements of cyphering and sharing is not something very common anymore.

What is the goal of French Bgirlz Connection?

I would like to see more connection between the new and the old generation: Sharing more and learn from each other and progressing hip hop culture. We danced the first battle – Meaux, a 3vs3 – together and the next one was BBF crew 8vs8 in november. I hoped by sharing the experience of battling together instead of against each other would connect the different generations.

French Bgirlz Connexion in full effect at the French Breaking Championships. Members: Carlota, Warlene, Manuela, Peste Ana, Deb, Pita, Mia, Playmo and Angel.

How did you put the crew together?

Together with bgirl Hurricane we first asked 20 bgirls to join this project, 10 of them replied positive. Finally, for the BBF crew battle we selected 8 bgirls for the French bgirlz connexion.

What are the next steps?

I would like to represent French bgirling internationally through competitions and showcases and put a spotlight on bgirling in the Hip Hop Culture.

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