Bgirlsessions X Cologne Circle

Aug 1, 2019 | Jams, Whazzup

Good news: you don’t have to wait until next year to have fun with us again.

We are collaborating with Cologne Circle in november. To be exact: it is going to be the weekend of november 23rd. Mark this in your schedule because it is going to be awesome. Workshops, bgirl 7 to smoke, 2on2 and some hangouts on sunday.

We, as in bgirlsessions, will travel from the Netherlands to Germany by car – so any bgirl along the way if you want to travel together: PM/DM.

About cologne circle:

With a fresh and new team of bgirl- and bboy-organizers living in Cologne, we drop you a hand-picked line-up of judges, Djs and hosts, good music, lots of cyphers, three selected battle-systems with the opportunity to qualifier to LCB-choose your destiny! (Liège, Belgium) and a co-work with BGirlSessions! Also, you know our young gunz crew Good Timez from Cologne which will host the afterparty!
Better be there!