France Qualify QUEEN 16 won by bgirl TYS

Jun 21, 2015 | Jams, Whazzup


The second Qualification battle for the Queen 16 bgirl 1vs1 is won by bgirl TYS. She will be battling in september at the main event which will take place in the beautiful city of Leipzig in Germany on september the 6th.

check the final battle of bgirl TYS against bgirl Stormy.


Sunday, Sept. 6th – ‘BATTLES’
1 vs 1 BGirl Battle – THE QUEEN SWEET 16
Winner: 500 €

14 Invites and 2 Qualification Spots for the day

  • Bene (France)
  • Bo (Netherlands)
  • Erzhena (Russia)
  • Fairytale (Sweden)
  • Frost (Germany)
  • Jilou (Germany)
  • Lerok (Germany)
  • Nadeen Shine (Switzerland)
  • Olly360 (Ukraine/Italy)
  • Paulina Starus (Poland)
  • Pauline (Netherlands)
  • Stina (Sweden)
  • Tamala (Slovenia)
  • Qualification in Great Britain – winner: Terra
  • Qualification in France – winner: TYS

Besides the bgirl battles there will be also a 3 vs 3 Breaking Battle – Family Fever Battle (Rule: 2 “parents” (dancer over 18), 1 “child” (dancer under 18))
Winner: 300 €

Emma Ready Hamilton (Sin Cru, Great Britain)
Movie One (Lunaticks Crew, Spain)
Buckingham (Flexible Flav, USA)

Jasty (Brno, Czech Republic)
Planet (Magdeburg, Germany)