May 15, 2019 | Whazzup

We are very excited to share with you, that bgirl AT will be joining the judge panel this year at the bgirlsessions 1vs1 battle! Based in Helsinki, Finland bgirl AT represents the world famous crew Flo Mo crew.


AT is one of the big names in the breaking scene. She brought a next level into breaking with her finesse and fresh style. She has an incredible track record of her battle performances such as winning the IBE footwork battle, World Dance Championships Japan, Finnish solo championships, and Hip Obsession.

Last year she worked as an official judge of the Youth Olympic games together with bboy Crazy Legs, bboy Mounir, Bboy Moy, Bgirl Narumi, Bboy Renegade, Bboy Storm, bgirl Jeskills, Bboy Katsu and Bboy Lamine.

On top of this she is the co-founder of the internet based online learning platform bboydojo.

Check out this video to get to know more about bgirl AT!