Lerok winner of 7 to smoke Cologne Circle x Bgirlsessions

Nov 28, 2019 | Whazzup

Winner bgirl 7 to smoke – Bgirl Lerok, True Rokin Soul, Germany

Bgirlsessions collaborated with cologne circle to organize a bgirl 7 to smoke in cologne, Germany. Lerok, representing True Rokin Soul won the 7 to smoke with 6 smokes!

The line up for the 7 to smoke:

  • Carlota, Break2mars, France
  • Lerok, True Rokin Soul, Germany
  • Tazz, Italy
  • Arizona, Tribal Gantz crew, Italy
  • Jayda, 45 finest, Germany
  • Camine, Battle Droids, Belgium
  • Mambo, Tribal Gantz crew, Italy
  • Keisha, Legacy Dragons Crew, Argentina